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The Shock System


Read below if you have the balls

I am looking for people who want to dump their crappy habits and mindsets and want to

Become a Hero of their Own Story.

Please answer all questions with the time and energy it deserves to see if you qualify.


Will you be the next success story?

P.J. Nolasks

"I was single, overweight and had a job I hated. Now I own a fitness business, in great shape, and have a healthy sex life”

Carl Tully

“I lost 50lbs and got a promotion at work. My wife is more attracted to me and our relationship is stronger than ever!

Oh you're still reading and not convinced yet?

Ok real talk


There is a reason why you downloaded my report or you clicked on the link about this challenge. What was it?

Really think about it and be honest with yourself. What made you interested in learning more about this?

Do you want more? Do you want to be more?

Do me one favor. Close your eyes right now and take 3 deep breaths and picture the life you want.

You have the energy you want

the success you want

the woman you want

Feels amazing doesn't it?

Now ask yourself, "How would I feel if I didn't experience that?"

Wouldn't that suck?

Then get on a call with me and

let's make it happen!


This is for you if you are...

  • Waking up in the morning and feeling unmotivated, tired and unsatisfied with what you see in the mirror.

  • You found success but ready to level up and find some balance.

  • You're just going through the motions and every day feels like groundhog day.

  • You feel like you can be more but don't have a plan

  • You want more energy, drive and passion.

  • You want to experience fulfillment.

I don't know about you, but feeling like that everyday is as frustrating as walking with a splinter in your foot you can't get out.

Your Shock Call 

is a 1:1 call where we'll:

  • Uncover the blindspots that keep you from getting out of your own way
  • Pinpoint your mental roadblocks and how to shatter them to make you unstoppable
  • Learn the steps you can take to fully own your power as a man so that you can create the fulfillment that you always knew was possible
  • Discover what you truly want: what do you want to see happen in the next 90 days, 6 months and a year from now in your life...  

Don't put this off any longer.

Take Action and Apply now.

*This is a complimentary service (my fee is waived) and no credit card is required

"I was divorced in 2010 and that was a big challenge because you are trying to find yourself and your sense of value. I decided that I only have one life and wanted to make it a great one. That is when I met Rich and recreated myself! I have no problem meeting women, bench over 300lbs, and made an amazing new group of friends" 

- Tim Reik

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